Sunil Pinto - the entertainer

Music Training

Grow your musical talents...
Learn to sing better, play the guitar or the keyboard...
Sing in a choir or a group in perfect harmony...

I've given guitar lessons to people of all ages.

While in college, I coached the music group for competitions. More recently, I've nurtured the talent of young children and youth at St. Michael's Church, Sharjah. And trained a group of Class V boys from Our Own English High School Sharjah to an award winning performance.


For talent to be brought out to its fullest you need someone who nurtures this talent. You help to nurture our children's talent and that is what motivates them to do better and for this we are ever grateful. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher (guru) to our kids
- Zareena D'Souza via email


It's great to see talent, enthusiasm and passion meet on one platform. Great going! Wish you all the best!
- Praveena Manoj via Facebook



Check out a few samples. Just note that these are amateur recordings during practice sessions.